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  • Big Red Cloud

    This workshop is aimed at SME startups. It will explain how important it is to have a proper accounting and payroll system in place from the get go. Too
  • Titan Logistics

    Titan Logistics
    This workshop you will tell you how to tune your Supply Chain to meet your customer’s requirements.
  • New Market Entry

    Where to start? Does my product fit? Do my assumptions hold true in my proposed new market?
  • Space as a Service

    PBC Logo 200 x 125
    Choosing an office solution to suit your business and budget requirements can be an arduous task.
  • Selling Online

    What are the next big trends in e-commerce? What do you need to sell online? Sage Pay showcases our top tips for maximising e-commerce sales and shows you what to
  • Cloud Computing

    8 key online solutions for start-ups and growing businesses
  • Business Model

    Damien Downes Photo
    This workshop will provide you with a clear understanding of the Business Model concept and how this concept can help deliver a competitive advantage.
  • R&D Tax Credit

    This is one of the most beneficial tax reliefs currently available to companies, resulting in an overall 37.5% tax relief for qualifying expenditure.
  • Profit Improvement

    The most successful growing businesses are running the most cost efficient operations. For investors, these streamlined, resourceful businesses are very desirable.