Social Media – friend or foe? – Vodafone


Michael Keogh - Specialist in IT, Social Media, Marketing and Digital Marketing


Michael is an expert in Social Media and Digital Marketing, particularly in the use of Social Media as a promotional and marketing platform. His background covers a diverse range of industries, from light engineering and fast-moving consumer goods to sports leisure and IT. This experience – combined with qualifications in both Marketing and Digital Marketing – affords him a broad and insightful view on just how effective these powerful new media can be for business.


Michael also has a keen interest in social psychology and human behaviour, which gives him a further edge when it comes to capturing the hearts and minds of customers. His ability to communicate clearly and enthusiastically means his audiences always walk away eager to tame Social Media and make it work for their business.


Social Media – friend or foe for your business? – Workshop Description

How do you capture the hearts of customers and make social media work for your business?




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