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 Bank of Ireland



Irish women – A source of untapped entrepreneurial potential 

This workshop will be delivered by Paula Fitzsimons, Fitzsimons Consulting and National Director of Going for Growth.

Ireland needs all the entrepreneurial talent it can harness at present. The workshop will shine the spotlight on women and entrepreneurship and explore the issues which influence the rate at which women are starting new businesses, the types of new businesses they are starting and the particular challenges that they face. It will also highlight Going for Growth, which is a programme designed to support ambitious women entrepreneurs to achieve their goals. The workshop will be run in an interactive way, which will involve the participants in the discussion around the topic. Together we can make a difference!



  • There is a spotlight on women and entrepreneurship recently. Why might this be?
  • What types of businesses do women typically start and what challenges do they face?
  • What benefits might arise if women were to be involved as entrepreneurs with an aspiration for growth to a greater extent than they are at present?