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John Beckett - Specialist in ICT, Cloud Computing and Search Engine Optimisation


John provides information and advice to small business owners and start-ups on ICT, cloud computing and website optimisation. He has founded, built and sold businesses in Europe, the US and Asia, in sectors ranging from technology to medical and from transport to property.


As a co-founder of Eirtight Technology, John has worked with companies such as Dell, Rabobank, Fujitsu and Microsoft to implement advanced cloud software solutions. Having founded his first business at the age of 15, he developed the website while still in school in 2000, and was awarded the title of Entrepreneur of the Year in 2006.


He regularly advises businesses on how cloud technology can improve their productivity, and has also worked with a number of government organisations in the Middle East, the OECD in Paris and in a lighter capacity as a resident technology expert on TV3 and Newstalk 106FM. And as he also works closely with a select number of start-ups as a mentor and investor, there is probably no one in the country better qualified to explain the advantages of the cloud for your business.


Business Productivity and the Cloud – Workshop Description

Increase your personal and business productivity through technology.  Plus, how can cloud-based solutions help you improve efficiency in your business?




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