Visitor Checklist
    • Plan

Make use of this website, the updates we send you by email and posts on Facebook to plan your visit. Calculate how much time you think you need and then add a bit extra. There really is so much to see and do that you might need to consider visiting on both days of the show..

    • Identify

What do you want from this show? What information or advice do you need? Identify which exhibitors you should visit, which speakers you want to hear and the workshops you would like to participate in.

  • Target

Once you have planned what exhibitors you want to visit, use the floor plan on this website to find out their locations.

  • Relax

When planning your trip to the show, leave time to think and be prepared for unexpected delays or turn of events – don’t be unrealistic about what you can achieve, and you may even be pleasantly surprised who you meet.

  • Record

Don’t forget to take a pen and paper , your laptop or iphone – so that you can make notes and collect information.

  • Network

Take your business cards and some sort of briefcase or bag- you’ll be surprised just how much information you’ll gather at the show. And the people you meet on the day could become your preferred suppliers, or your best customers.

  • Follow-up

After the show, don’t let your motivation go off the boil or your new contacts cool. Call the people who gave you their cards, keep those lunch and meeting dates, and put your new contacts in your address book.