Paul Kerr – First Choice Financial Services Ltd


Paul Kerr 

“I help people with too much debt manage their banking relationships better and I help business that need credit, to secure it”

Paul Kerr is a banker with over 20yrs experience. Worked for AIB, National Irish Bank and Bank of Scotland both managing branches and as a Lending Director. Based in Limerick with First Choice Financial Services as a Banking & Debt consultant. I am also one of 3 Senior Reviewers in the country, with the Governments Credit Review Office which independently overviews declined lending in AIB and Bank of Ireland for the SME (small business) market. This provides me with a unique insight into the operations of both banks. Finally, I am an external credit assessor for Microfinance Ireland, providing loans of up to €25,000 to micro-enterprises.


  • First Choice Financial Services Ltd provides a range of services that include:
    - Life Assurance & Retirement Planning
    - Investments and Deposits
    - Mortgages
    - Debt & Banking Consultancy
    - Health Insurance