David McFadden – The Competition Authority




Dr. David McFadden is Legal Adviser to the Competition Authority and Manager of the Strategy Division in the Authority. David is a solicitor and has been with the Competition Authority since July 2000.


Having qualified and practiced as a solicitor in private practice, he joined the Criminal Division of the Chief State Solicitor’s Office in 1997 where he worked for 2 years prosecuting cases on behalf of the Director of Public Prosecutions. He then spent a further year working as a Revenue Solicitor specialising in enforcement.


After joining the Competition Authority from Revenue in July 2000 David led the Heating Oil investigation which is the first criminal cartel prosecuted successfully before a judge and jury in Ireland and Europe. David is the author of the Irish Cartel Immunity Programme and co-authored the European Competition Authorities’ (ECA) Leniency Principles.


David holds a Ph.D. in law from Trinity College Dublin. His Thesis is being published by Hart Publishing in Oxford and will appear in April. It is titled: ‘The Private Enforcement of Competition Law in Ireland’. David also holds a 1st Class Masters Degree in law (LL.M.) from TrinityCollege and a Masters degree in European History from UCD.


The Competition Authority:
  • Ensure that markets work well for Irish consumers, businesses and the economy
  • Competition works for the benefit of all consumers, including businesses, who buy products and services in Ireland