The Competition Authority

Competition Authority Website

The Competition Authority’s mission is to ensure that markets work well for Irish consumers, business and the economy.  We do this by taking action against anti-competitive practices such as price-fixing; blocking anti-competitive mergers; and informing Government, public authorities, businesses and the wider public about competition issues.

The Competition Authority is an independent statutory body that enforces Irish and European competition law. The Competition Authority works to make sure that competition works for the benefit of all consumers, including businesses, who buy products and services in Ireland. Specifically:

- Where there is evidence of businesses engaging in anti-competitive behaviour, whether through price-fixing or abusing their      dominant position, we can intervene through the enforcement of competition law.

- We can block mergers that would substantially lessen competition.

- We also have a duty to promote competition in the economy. We do this by identifying restrictions on competition in laws and regulations, advising the Government, and its Ministers, about the implications for competition of proposed legislation or regulations, and by informing public authorities and the general public about competition issues.

The Competition Authority’s responsibilities are to:
  • Investigate breaches of competition law and take action against them
  • Advise Government Departments and policy-makers on ways to protect and improve competition in the economy
  • Evaluation mergers to ensure that pro-competitive mergers are allowed and ones that will harm competition are not