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Don’t Just Get A Job, Build A Business


QED Training provide specialist training for business owners to succeed, build and grow their business. With more than 14 years in business, QED provides quality business and social media training tailored to SMEs and micro-enterprises. We deliver workshops, training programmes, and bootcamps for enterpreneurs, and online learning for micro-enterprises, start-ups and SMEs.


“QED is at the forefront and considered an industry leader in designing tailored meaningful, practical, creative and motivating events for their target groups.”


“QED Training delivers all their projects to the highest standards and strives to exceed the expectations of their clients at all times.  They achieve this by assessing their clients’ needs on an on-going basis and exploring beneficial new opportunities for all concerned.”


“The QED team has demonstrated extremely high standards in project management and meeting business owner’s needs….passionate about helping micro and small businesses maximize their potentials.”


 “Live in your World, Learn in Ours”


Why Choose QED?:

  • > 14 years experience providing quality training to SMEs and micro-enterprises
  • A team of highly qualified and experienced trainers
  • On the ground knowledge of the needs of the SME business owners/managers
  • Highly recommended by its clients as a top-end training provider